Advisory Panel

Iridium Financial Services sole focus is making sure you get the best possible results for your financial future. That comes from having the best people involved in all aspects of your insurance, wealth creation, financial budgeting, property investing and mentoring. So while we think we’re pretty smart, we know that it’s simply not humanly possible for one person to be the expert in everything.

So while our advisers are well qualified and expert in their particular fields, we utilise the expert advice of our Advisory Panel. That way you can be assured that you are getting access the collective wisdom of the best available—a group of really smart people. That way we know we have you well covered.

Just like elite sports people have a team of people to help them reach the top of their field—a strength coach, a fitness coach,a sports psychologist, etc—we believe it’s smart to use the same model. It just makes sense.

So one of the key components of our Optimum Wealth program is the Advisory Panel, to make sure you are get the best results possible.