Annuities?? Give me Romney lambs and wet hay – those I can understand!

It’s interesting the things you learn throughout life that you don’t realise. Some important, others perhaps less so, but it’s the amalgam of all of these lessons and experiences that shapes the person you are... and forms the basis of your understanding.

The 'R' word - Retirement. When can I... How much do I need... and more

We need a new word to replace the ‘R’ word. Something that doesn’t bring with it the baggage that the current word does. And unfortunately it’s international baggage.

Everywhere you go the ‘R’ word seems to have the same restraints, constraints, implications, connotations. All round unnecessary baggage. Time to free the conversation, debate and let creativity run rampant.

The word ‘Retirement’ needs retiring.

Property in a Self Managed Super Fund

Investment, like clothes, seems to follow fashion. What’s fashionable right now?—Property in a Self Managed Super Fund. Why is investing in property inside a SMSF being touted on every corner as the panacea to everything? Because it’s able to be packaged, sold and it make some sense… doesn’t it?

A couple of questions to ask yourself about any investment: