John Oliver on Trump and the RNC

At a time where both candidates for the US presidential election are reportedly the most unpopular ever... anything is possible. Just consider the Republican National Convention - John Oliver did.

At times like this it's easy to think the world's gone just a little crazy. Many at the Democratic convention are vowing to not vote for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. Sanders is booed when he throws his support behind Clinton.

Whilst entirely understandable that people who have been such vocal supporters of on candidate should not be thrilled at putting their weight behind someone they wouldn’t choose, the upshot of their actively voting against her, or simply abstaining from voting at all in protest [in a country where they notoriously struggle to get voting participation] could be catastrophic.

After all many in the UK woke up the next morning and said “What just happened there…?”. The result was seemingly heading in one direction, and whether it was a lack of participation, or a brain snap – 52% of the 71.8% turnout voted for the UK to leave the EU.

That’s around 37% or just over a third of possible voters, have made possible the biggest political decision in the UK since the World War 2.

The US is at risk of doing the same thing. Since 1900 the average voter turnout sits at around 57%. At times reaching below 50%.

But more telling than low voter turnout, voter apathy or disenchantment, even protest voting or abstention… is the growing trend in creating facts from nonsense. Statements made with no basis in fact, but gleaning some populist momentum and oft repeated, soon get reported and repeated as facts.

Emily Bell reported in her recent Guardian article that Arron Banks, the wealthy donor partly responsible for the Brexit campaign, explained ‘Leave’s’ media strategy thus:
“The remain campaign featured fact, fact, fact, fact, fact. It just doesn’t work. You have got to connect with people emotionally. It’s the Trump success.”

Somewhat ironic… learning from the master??

She goes on to say the the Washington DC strategy company Goddard Gunster told the Brexit organisers that "the facts don’t work", which was, somewhat ironically in this case, the truth.

Check out John Oliver’s review of the RNC. What 'self created facts' have you come across recently?

One things is for sure, however, with the imminent result of the US Preidential election, along with unfolding Brexit… it won’t be business as usual.

Click HERE to read Emily Bell’s article in full.